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Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations

Soldiers using simulator at Camp Atterbury

EST 2000 Engagement Skills Trainer:
is an indoor, multipurpose, multilane, small arms, training simulator. It is used to simulate weapons training events which lead to live-fire individual/crew weapons qualification and training events. It simulates squad collective gunnery and tactical tasks for defense and ambush mission. Supports 11 small arms weapons models.

  • 15  Lane Range M4/M16

  • 9 Lane Range M9

  • 9 Lane Range for Crew Serve Weapons (M249, M240B, M2 50 cal and MK-19)

    **This is the maximum that can be fired by a single weapon systems**

PLEASE NOTE THE EST 2000 per  FM3-22.68 F7 Para 3c “The EST trains many skills, but is NOT intended to replace live qualification” ,  “Training on the EST is planned to save ammunition resources, both at the assistant gunner and secondary firer positions and in peripheral training exercises such as protective mask and night-fire small arms training.”  It is used to work on marksmanship and communication in squad level training on crew serve weapons.

Call for Fire Trainer (CFFT)

Fidelity's most advanced artillery training system utilizes 3D technology to create virtual battlefields in which all levels of personnel can train in call-for-fire missions. This immersive trainer supports basic through advanced-level training, including forward observer tasks and procedures and mission planning. Trains Artillery with Close Air Support, Naval Gunfire, and Mortars.The CFFT training solution connects Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) with Simulated Military Equipment (SME), including the latest precision laser devices, to provide training in fire mission planning and execution.

The CFFT contractor of choice, FIDELITY has over fourteen years experience in artillery simulation, and produces the most successful artillery forward observation solution to support 21st century training requirements. Our training systems capitalize on Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware and software to reduce development costs, while providing a technically-advanced, comprehensive solution. The Windows-based artillery training system supports open architecture protocols and virtually unlimited connectivity to train a variety of roles and tasks.


-         Maximum 12 Soldiers per two hour block of instruction per ACFFT Trainer.

-         2 Trainers on sight.

Key Notes:

  1. Units must provide a training outline at least two weeks out to the TADSS NCOIC.
  2. Unit must provide at minimum one AI per training day.
  3. Unit must have some type of Instruction on Basic Map Reading, Radio communication and Call For Fire Class.

Virtual Battlefield System (VBSII): is a virtual (PC driven) tactical simulation designed to train dismounted infantry skills. It realistically simulates friendly forces, opposing forces, and non-combatants. Allows free play within scenario-based training exercises. It also incorporates real-time simulation of wind, rain, fog, clouds, time-of-day, sunrise and sunset, and tides. Multiple terrain databases and predefined scenarios are available for the instructor to select. The After Action Review module assists the training facilitator in assessing the team’s performance and in promoting continuous process improvement.

Administrator/Operator is provided for instruction


-         Can train up to a company size element in 8-10 hour training day.

-         Has  the most detailed oriented convoy training to include dismounting operations


Key Notes:

Units must provide a training outline at least two weeks out to the TADSS NCOIC

To learn more about the VBS, click here.


Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer (VCOT): One (1) 53’ trailer containing One (1) HMMWV-FIST, Four (4) reconfigurable Convoy Vehicles, One (1) Master Controller Station, and One (1) AAR Station Each Trailer Comes with a Kit to Provide Soldiers the Highest Fidelity Convoy Training Experience Available

  • JSTEC Trainer operated.

Click to learn more about the VCOT.

HEAT TRAINER Teaches Soldiers the proper procedures to egress from an inverted HMMWV and rehearse rollover drills by shouting out commands and learning what each position should do in the event of a rollover.


-         Two HEAT Trainers on Site

-         Maximum 40 Soldiers per 4 hr block of instruction per HEAT Trainer

Key Notes:

  1. Soldiers will have PPE at a minimum of Kevlar, IBA and Eye Protection
  2. Units must provide a training outline at least two weeks out to the TADSS NCOIC.  


Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer (RVTT) is the latest simulation system developed in response to changing US Army training needs. RVTT is composed of computer-driven combat vehicle simulators and emulator workstations that operate interactively over local and wide area networks. Through computer workstations, RVTT adds logistics, artillery, mortar, and aviation units to a synthetic battlefield depicting real-world terrain. Users move, shoot and communicate on this battlefield by operating with or riding inside combat vehicles and employing simulated weapon systems.

All RVTT components reflect actual weapon systems, tactical doctrine, and behaviors. RVTT provides real-time, interactive collective task training for units from individual crew to battalion task force levels. Key features include 4 manned simulation modules with high-fidelity visuals, realistic terrain (6 databases) and entity models, intelligent Semi-Automated Forces (SAF), and After-Action Review (AAR). The system allows unit commanders to train their unit's collective tasks in a range of virtual environments to include day, night, and varying fog densities, own force complexity, and selectable enemy capability/skill levels. SAF create a wide variety of OPFOR and BLUFOR vehicles and units to fight with or against including supply and maintenance, engineers, artillery, mortar, and aviation units. To complete the virtual battlefield CCTT/RVTT includes Operation Centre Workstations, which replicate fire support, engineer, and aviation support. 

Key Notes:
1. Units must provide a training outline at least two weeks out to the RVTT Training Personnel.
2. Unit must provide at minimum one AI per training day.
3. Unit must have some type of Instruction on Basic Map Reading, Radio communication and Call For Fire Class.
4. Can train up to a company size element in 8-12 hour training day.
5. Has the ability to conduct TOC operations.

For more information about the RVTT, click here and here to open information PDF files.

Last updated on May 22, 2013


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