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Basic Infantry and Leadership Training

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Basic Infantry and Leadership Training

Indiana Regional Training Institute
Building 5, Camp Atterbury
P O Box 5000
Edinburgh, Indiana 46124-5000

Welcome to the Indiana Regional Training Institute (RTI).We are pleased that you have found interest in visiting our academy in furthering your military education.

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11B ALC Mission Statement

As the Army and our nation continue to evolve and change, our TASS Army National Guard Infantry program must also change to meet the challenges of today’s force structure. The Army National Guard, The United States Army Infantry School (USAIS), The Army School System (TASS) and the recently added Infantry Subject Matter Expert (SME), Camp Shelby, Mississippi, strive to provide every Soldier involved in the ARNG Infantry program with clear guidance of the execution of Infantry training. This course management plan (CMP) and the program of instruction (POI) is a continuing effort to provide a clear standard and clear guidance of ARNG Infantry training.

This course will provide you the skills necessary to lead and train an Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad. You will find your stay here fast paced and challenging. You will spend 15 days in an academy environment with no days off. Several of the days are spent in a field environment and on live fire ranges. You will have many opportunities to excel during your time here, but remember what you gain from the course is directly related to the amount of effort you apply towards completing the course.

The goal of this course is to train infantry squad/section leaders in the skills necessary to lead, train, and direct subordinates to maintain, operate, and employ weapons and equipment.
This course trains the Soldier in the areas of Advanced Infantry Marksmanship, Forward Observer Procedures, Demolitions, Communications, Land Navigation, FBCB2, Infantry Weapons, Infantry Squad Drills, First Aid, Tactics, and conducts a Situational Field Training Exercise.

11B ALC Course Scope



A. Course Prerequisite: Active Army of Reserve Component enlisted personnel that meets enlistment requirements, and has recommendation of Commander or CMF's selected by PERSCOM. Qualified in MOS 11B. Meets requirements outlined in AR 351-1, paragraph 5-14 and 5-18A (5) only SSG and promotable SGT's will attend. Completed WLC or equivalent course unless promoted prior to linkage to promotion. Successfully completed Phase I ALC.

B. Course Scope: Training includes: Map Reading / Land Navigation Refresher and Examination; Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED); Vehicle Maintenance; Forward Observer Procedures; Roles of the Platoon Sergeant ; Urban Breaching; Machine Gun Employment; Engage Targets with Machine Guns (M249, M240B, M2 .50 Cal, MK19); Infantry Battle Drills; Tactical Site Exploitation; Tactical Questioning; Counter Insurgency (COIN); Tactics; Convoy Operations; Sniper Defeat Operations/TTPs; Patrolling; and Detainee Operations.

11B MOS Transition

Course Scope:

This course will provide training on Advanced Rifle Marksmanship (ARM), Weapons Training on M240B, M249, Caliber .50 M2, and MK19 Machine Guns, Basic Map Reading (Refresher), Land Navigation, Tactical Foot March, Military Communications, Combat Orders, Convoy Survivability, Detainee Operations, Forward Observer Procedures, Fundamentals of Patrolling, Urban Operations, Move Under Direct Fire (MUDF), Troop Leading Procedures, Squad Tactical Training and Field Training Exercises (FTX) in Area Reconnaissance, Raids, Knocking Out a Bunker, Urban Operations, Point Ambush, Movement to and Reacting to Contact, Performing Link Up, Short or Long Security Halt, Designating Rally/Rendezvous Points.

Special Information:

To develop non-11B MOSQ E5s through E7s into confident and competent qualified Infantry small unit leaders and to award the MOS of 11B to all Soldiers, E5 through E7, who successfully complete the training.

Non MOSQ personnel in Pay Grade E1 thru E4 must attend the 071-11B10 (R) course for MOS Qualification.

Non MOSQ personnel in Pay Grade E8 must have waiver submitted to IN OIP to attend the 071-11B2/3/4 (T) course.

11B MOS Qualification

Course Scope:

Landmine warfare, antiarmor techniques, M203 grenade launcher, machine guns, military operations on urban terrain and squad tactical training.

Special Information:

This course will award MOS 11B10 to pay grade E1 thru E4 personnel.

Pay Grade E5 thru E7 personnel transitioning to 11B positions must attend the 071-11B2/3/4 (T) course

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