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Welcome to the Indiana Regional Training Institute (RTI).We are pleased that you have found interest in visiting our academy in furthering your military education.

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The ABIC Course, previously called the Total Army Instructor Training Course is a comprehensive core course that trains instructors to deliver battle-focused training in the Total Army School System. The Army Basic Instructor Course is designed for delivery in the traditional classroom setting.

The ABIC Course is a ten day, eighty (80) hour course designed to teach personnel selected as instructors how to prepare and present a quality training session. ABIC emphasizes learning by doing. The course presents definitions, terminology, and instructional methods used to present instruction. ABIC also addresses how instructors motivate students and help solve performance problems using positive reinforcement and counseling.


The Army Basic Instructor Course focuses on developing specific instructor competencies. These include:

  • Identify instructor roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop adult communications and learning techniques.
  • Develop instructional methods.
  • Apply instructor presentation skills.
  • Evaluate performance through peer and self-assessment.


The Small Group Instructor Training Course (SGITC) is a TRADOC approved course that provides a standardized training support package for training Small Group Instruction (SGI). The course is designed to teach Instructors how to prepare and facilitate small group instruction through the conventional classroom or field environment. It provides the Small Group Leader (SGL) with the skills required for training using SGI methodologies, provides an overview of the requirement to conduct SGI, and meets the training standard for certifying small group leaders.


The SGITC is a five day training program conducted using the concepts of "learning by doing". The course is designed to teach instructors how to facilitate a small group and to achieve a training objective using SGI learning theory and methodology. The course presents definitions, terminology, and instructional methods used in SGI, and provide insight into how adults learn and develop as individuals and group members with a common goal. The course presents exercises and conferences designed to have students' experience, first hand, how groups react and interact to a variety of situations and SGI methodologies.


The SGITC focuses on developing specific instructor competencies. These include:

  • Develop team-building skills.
  • Facilitate group process.
  • Develop decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Model Army leader values.
  • Apply communications skills.

Squad Designated Marksman Course (SDM)


1. The primary mission of the SDM is to deploy as a member of the rifle squad. The SDM is a vital member of his individual squad and not a squad sniper. He fires and maneuvers with this squad and performs all of the duties of the standard rifleman. The SDM has neither the equipment nor training to operate individually or in a small team to engage targets at extended ranges with precision fire.

2. The secondary mission of the SDM is to engage key targets from 100 to 550 meters with effective, well-aimed fires using the standard weapon system and standard ammunition. He may or may not be equipped with an optic. Therefore the SDM must possess a thorough understanding and master of the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship as well as ballistics, elevation and windage hold-off, sight manipulation, and range estimation.

3. The SDM course will provide the squad with a designated marksman that has been trained to engage targets from 100 to 550 meters with and without optics. The SDM will operate and maneuver as a rifleman, but will have the added responsibility of engaging targets with effective, well-aimed fire out to 550 meters. The SDM can also be used to help direct the fire of other squad members into enemy positions. Due to the increased skill level required for his position, the SDM must maintain a high level of proficiency through continued training of the required skills. The SDM graduate will return to his/her unit to use the "Train the Trainer" concept and train additional SDMs.

Small Arms Master Gunner Course (SAMG)


1. The Small Arms Master Gunner Course (SAMGC) provides an intense learning experience in small arms weapons proficiency, range operations skills, and instructional expertise.

2. Training is focused on Warrior Training Tasks 1 through 13 (see below) to include the M16/M4 rifle, M9 pistol, M203 grenade launcher, M240B light machine gun, M249 SAW, MK19, and M2HB machine gun. Students also receive instruction on qualification and mobilization courses of fire for small arms. Students must develop and present instructional plans and conduct range operations for each weapon system. Students must pass all written and performance examinations on all weapon systems in order to graduate.

3. Cadre work closely with student teams to ensure current standards are met and to maximize learning conditions. Graduates of this course are intended to return to their state or unit as Small Arms Master Gunners, and conduct Warrior Task (1-13) Training programs for units and higher headquarters.

4. This two-week course is limited to E-4 through E-8, W-1 through W-2, and O-1 through O-2. All attendees must have qualified with their individual weapon within the past year. This course is fast-paced and not recommended for individuals who have trouble qualifying with their assigned weapon. The SAMG course is listed in ATRRS under School Code 988. All applications must be made through the ATRRS system.
This course is conducted by the 1-138th INRTI located at Camp Atterbury Joint Military Training Center Edinburgh, IN

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