Welcome to Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (CAJMTC)
Camp Atterbury switchboard
Comm 812-526-1499
DSN 569-2499
Camp Atterbury Emergency Services

Camp Atterbury Emergency Services include fire and emergency services, military police, antiterrorism, and emergency management offices.

The mission of Camp Atterbury Emergency Services is:

  • to protect life and property
  • to understand and serve the needs of all persons within the community
  • to actively seek and identify community problems and solutions to those problems
  • to identify and prevent any criminal activity which may occur
  • to improve quality of life on the installation

Camp Atterbury Emergency Services personnel endeavor to provide a safe and secure environment for students, residents, employees, and visitors.


Installation Operations Center Services

Camp Atterbury Fire & Emergency Services

The mission of fire and emergency servives is to guarntee the Atterbry Ccommunity is a safe working and living environment by providing our customer the most proficient fire suppression, emergency medical service, technical rescue, hazardous materials, and fire prevention services to them.

Camp Atterbury Fire and Emergency Services, consisting of a department of U.S. Army National Guard Firefighters, are dedicated to protecting the life and property of DOD personnel and civilians alike.

Services provided include structural, airport, wild land firefighting, HAZMAT response, BLS Emergency Medical Services, search and rescue, vehicle rescue (extraction), ice, and/or water rescue.

Camp Atterbury Fire and Emergency Services perform fire and fire exthinguisher inspections which are executed by the Post Fire Inspector with the help of fire and emergency services.  Annual inspections are performed by request, at random, during the Post Health & Welfare Walk Through and are done in cooperation with Koorsen Fire Services, to insure all extinguishers are fully operational and in compliance with NFPA.


Camp Atterbury Fire & Emergency Services

County Line Road and Eggleston Street

For Emergencies: 812.526.1109

Fire House: 812.526.1361


Camp Atterbury Military Police

The primary objective of our military police patrols is to protect and assist the Camp atterbury community by remaining highly visible and viligant throughout the installation.

Military police patrols respond to reported incidents, investigate suspicious activities, apprehend offenders, and ensure the security of personnel and property in the Camp Atterbury community.  Patrols also enforce laws and military regulations; they inform and assist the members of the Camp Atterbury community and the general public.

Physical Security: The Camp Atterbury JMTC Conventional Physical Security Office provides support to all tenant units enabling them to protect and secure all Army assets in accordance with Army regulations.


Camp Atterbury Military Police

Installation Operations Center, Bldg 127

For Emergencies: 812.526.1109

MP Desk Sergeant: 812.526.1310

Physical Security: 812.526.1499 ext 61980




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