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Scheduling Branch

Mailing Address:

Scheduling Branch (CAJMTC-DPTM-SCH)
Camp Atterbury
PO Box 5000, Bldg 127
Edinburgh, IN 46124 

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Camp Atterbury Scheduling Branch (CAJMTC-DPTM-SCH) is the initial point of contact for all training facility scheduling needs. Units should contact DPTM-SCH to initiate all training facility scheduling request and to follow up on request status.


Detailed branch-specific information can then be coordinated directly between the unit and the specific branch involved.



 Primary use of RFMSS (Range Facility Management Support System) should be via the desktop Citrix Icon. This is a secure site and requires a username and password.


NOTICE: RFMSS users must also submit CA Form 350-1 for all requests.



Please direct all scheduling related correspondence by  E-mailing Us.  All scheduling branch personnel receive mail from this distribution address. Email is the preferred method for sending scheduling documents.  Users must fill out ALL required forms to schedule at CAJMTC.

To help us better assist you, please format your subject line as follows:


For new requests:

REQ "unit name" "dates"  Example:  REQ 1-151IN 5-6 Mar 04


For request changes: ***Use original training date if a date change.***

CHANGE "unit name" "dates"      Example: CHANGE 1-293IN 3-4 Apr 04  


For cancellation of entire training date:

CXL "unit name" "dates"  Example: CXL 1-138ADA 5-6 Mar 04  


For status questions on REQs, CHANGES etc.,

STATUS of "(REQ/CHANGE/CXL)" "unit name" "dates" Example: STATUS of CHANGE 3-139FA 5-6 Mar 04


Chief Scheduling Branch

Bldg 127



DSN: 569-2678

Scheduling Assistant

Bldg 127


DSN:  569-2138 

Scheduling Assistant

Bldg 127


DSN: 569-2170

RFMSS Administrator





Scheduling Assistant
Bldg 4A

     DSN: 596-1526

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