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Orders & Funding

When CONUSA mobilization order is received by unit’s peacetime parent headquarters, a roster (name, ssn and rank) must be provided to Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, Indiana (Directorate of Plans, Training and Mobilization (DPTM), Directorate of Human Resources (DHR)

Points of Contact

  • For information regarding orders: (812) 526-1499 ext. 61816
  • For information regarding orders and funding: (812) 526-1499 ext. 61152.

Unit movement order will be prepared by DOT that will include fund cite to be used for movement of unit from Home Station to Mobilization Station to in Theater and return.

Budget representative of unit at the USPFO or RSC must contact DOT-RMD (POCs are the same as above) for a "reimbursable MIPR" to cover rations, quarters, fuel, maintenance support, transportation of equipment, supply items required, etc. All quarters/meals while at home station will need to be contracted out if not available. Equipment moves must be coordinated through the DOT-DRM. A line haul worksheet provided by DOT-RMD will be sent to the unit upon request. DOT-RMD will request a MIPR from the 21st Theater Support Command in the European Theater to cover cost of the line haul. DOT-RMD will send the fund cite to the Budget representative or POC’s of the USPFO or RSC. Individuals are not authorized any individual per diem at home station other than the authorized $2.00 a day incidental expense which the individual soldier will file a voucher for reimbursement.

Capture all cost for support personnel. If rations and quarters have to be made available for support personnel due to deployment of unit, this must be coordinated with DOT-RMD proper to cost being incurred to make sure FORSCOM will approve reimbursement of this cost. Overtime will not be reimbursed unless civilian in nature.

Any special supplies/CTA 50-909 shortfalls may be declared in cost estimate with an impact statement however any items of this nature must be approved by FORSCOM for reimbursement prior to being ordered. Automation equipment definitely must be coordinated prior to being purchased.

Medical appointments, dental work, shots, etc are not normally reimbursable cost. If questions come up in reference to these issues please direct to the Installation Mobilization Officers at Fort Benning, Georgia (Chief, MOB, DSN 835-5417/Commerical 706-545-5417).

Cold weather gear will be issued at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center thru the Directorate of Logistics, Central Issue Facility. Any incremental cost not identified above can be submitted on cost estimate but reimbursement is not a given. Coordination again will need to be made with FORSCOM.

Any coordination on funding issues must be done by the mobilization station. Please do not contact FORSCOM reference to funding prior to contacting the mobilization station.

Last updated on May 22, 2013


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